Kastro Maistro

Our Hotel In Lefkada

About Us

Maistro Hotels is a group of 3 hotels. Starting from 1995 we never stopped fulfilling our dreams of providing our clients pleasure at our properties. Every year we keep investing and improving our facilities to give the best experience to our guests. Built with the respect of the nature, the hotel is the ideal place to enjoy the summer days.

Our Story

Firstly built, Kastro Maistro gave us the confidence that we are on the right path of giving our clients joyful and pleasant stay in our hotel. Not only a hotel to stay, Kastro is a place where we made friendships with our clients from all over the world. Year after year, our clients keep coming back again and again looking forward enjoying their vacations and built memorable moments with their beloved ones. Our resort is the best place to experience the Greek state of mind.

All the rooms are fully equipped with all needed amenities. The pool offers tranquil atmosphere, where you can free your mind from the usual busy days. There is a BBQ area, tennis court, kids playground, pool and breezy terrasse with outstanding view to the sea where you can enjoy the sunsets.


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